Codename : Belgian Candi Sugar

In preparation of an upcoming batch of beer, I have opted to make my own candi instead of purchase it, I found a recipe from another homebrewer, in which he does a full explanation of the process. In the article he said the recipe scales up and down very easily. I took some basic liberties scaling it down. It worked


  • 8 oz white sugar
  • 1 tbsp water
  • 1/4 tsp cream of tartar


  1. Add sugar to the pot, add the water
  2. Put on the element, set to high
  3. Constantly stir to prevent from burning
  4. Once the boil starts, add cream of tartar
  5. Trust your nose, and eyes. Once you get the colour of candi you are looking for, remove from the stove top
  6. Pour on a lined cookie, let cool at room temperature
  7. Enjoy!


From the original recipe, a candy thermometer is employed. I have one, I just found during my first attempt, the small amount of sugar in the pot did not register a proper temperature. I ended up with a very dark amber candi. It was yummy to me, others did not agree. My second attempt I relied on my nose, once I got the first smell of caramel, I stopped. It was yummy to all who sampled it. This is my third batch, and ready for brewing, and sampling.

Start with about 8 oz of white sugar.
Add one tablespoon of water

Sadly at this stage, I was focused on stirring, managing the boil, and being oh so very careful to not burn the sugar to get a picture of the boil. Use your imagination, it is now at a boil, and the cream of tartar has just been added.

Pour on a lined sheet, let cool at room temperature.
Break it up into pieces.
One ounce has been set aside for the next batch of beer.