Codename : Westfort Ordinary Bitterthorpe

This recipe was chosen to keep things simple, as I was adjusting my water requirements for brewing. If things didn’t work out, it was a low commitment to malts. Spoiler alert, things worked the way I wanted, and the raw product was delicious.


  • 1 lb 1 oz Maris Otter malt
  • 2.5 oz Caramel malt (30L)
  • 2.5 oz Crystal medium (67L)
  • 0.10 oz Cascade hops at 60 minutes
  • ¼ tsp Irish Moss (optional) at 15 minutes
  • 0.20 oz East Kent Golding hops at 15 minutes
  • 0.20 oz East Kent Golding hops at 5 minutes
  • 0.20 oz Fuggle hops at 0 minutes
  • 3 ml London Ale yeast

Vital Stats

Anticipated IBU : 30
Anticipated ABV : 3.3%
Anticipated SRM : 11
Target OG : 1.035
Pre-boil SG : 1.024
Target FG : 1,010
Brewhouse (in)efficiency : 70%

Brew Day

  • Prepare 7L strike water, 155F
  • Add the milled grains to the bag.
  • Place the bag in the hot water, set the timer for 75 minutes, and maintain the temperature at 152 F.
  • Calibrate the sonic screwdriver.
  • Lift the bag out of the water, and allow it to drip into the pot. Every bit of sugar that can be extracted will benefit the end ABV.
  • Bring up to a boil, 212F, set the timer for 60 minutes. Add hops and Irish Moss as prescribed above.
  • Sanitise everything required for fermentation.
  • Cool to room temp, an ice-bath or a snowbank work effectively.
  • Prepare yeast mixture.
  • Add wort to the jug. Pitch yeast.
  • Store in a cool place for primary fermentation for 7-14 days.

Bottling Day

  • Sanitise everything required for bottling.
  • Transfer from carboy to bottling pot.
  • Prepare 19g corn sugar with enough hot water to dissolve it. Add to pot.
  • Bottle.
  • Preferably conduct bottle conditioning for at least 4 weeks. You can crack one open early, but you might be disappointed. You have been warned.

Brew Notes

  • Pre/post-boil gravity achieved


Brew day : 15-Oct-2022
Bottling day : 22-Oct-2022