Cream Ale

Codename : Mountain Portage Cream Alethorpe For those who remember a bygone era of Kakabeka Cream Ale, this is not an attempt to emulate it, but rather pay hommage to the name by brewing a cream ale here at the Mountain Portage. Ingredients 1 lb 10 oz Golden Promise pale malt (2.4L) 2 oz white sugar 0.1 oz Sasquatch hops at...


British Golden Ale

Codename : Mountain Portage Mosquito Swarm Alethorpe I first brewed an iteration of this beer a year ago as Golden Slumbers, it was my intent call it the 2023 variation, until I was eaten alive by mosquitoes while brewing, so on the fly, this one was renamed. I recently acquired Sasquatch hops, it seemed fitting to use them while in...

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Welcome to brē

Welcome to brē You may have stumbled upon this site by accident, while researching beer recipes, or you may have transported here from another site rather serendipitously. Regardless of how you got here, welcome! I had been posting my recipes and ramblings elsewhere, and decided to spin up a new site, and migrate the content here. I think most of...

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American Pale Ale

Codename : Westfort Toasted Alethorpe I think I was watching videos of comedian Paul Taylor when I saw him go into a brewery that made beer with bread. So, this is my attempt at brewing with bread as an adjunct. Spoiler alert, the initial view of the bread soaking in the mash was kind of gross. Recipe inspiration :

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Bière de Garde

Codename : Westfort Bière Outrageant During my research into European beer styles, I discovered one called “Bière de Garde”, originating from northern France. It is translated to a beer for keeping. Brew in the spring, enjoy in the summer. Perfect. It is similar to a Belgian style, I tend to like Belgians, so this was added to the list to...

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Belgian Candi Sugar

Codename : Belgian Candi Sugar In preparation of an upcoming batch of beer, I have opted to make my own candi instead of purchase it, I found a recipe from another homebrewer, in which he does a full explanation of the process. In the article he said the recipe scales up and down very easily. I took some basic liberties...

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English Barleywine

Codename : Westfort Pig Dog Barleywinethorpe Pilot This was my week for trying pilot batches, so I ventured into an English Barleywine. I have already had success with Imperial Stouts at 10%, so I decided to try something new. I had found in the past that barleywines were a little too sweet for my taste, ergo the scaled down version,...

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Imperial Stout

Codename : Westfort Fluffy Cow Imperial Stouthorpe Pilot Having had good success with other Imperial Stouts, I decided to elevate my game, and try a bourbon stout, using oak chips and bourbon. In this case, I acquired a bottle of Buffalo Trace, to kick things up. Ergo the clever name 🙂 As there is an increased cost of resources to...

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Spent Grain Oatmeal Breakfast Bars

Codename : Ryetirement Oatmeal Bars Once the beer has been steeped, what does one do with the spent grain? Bake with it! This is a one dish bake, you can mix all the ingredients directly in the baking dish. Recipe Inspiration : Ingredients 2 ripe bananas, mashed 1/2 cup peanut butter 1 3/4 cups oatmeal 1/4 cup spent grain...

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Strong Bitter

Codename : Westfort Ryetirement Strong Bitterthorpe The third and final in my Ryetirement series, adding rye to an English style bitter. Ingredients 1 lb 11 oz Golden Promise pale malt (2.4L) 3 oz Rye malt (3.5L) 2 oz Amber malt (28L) 2 oz Crystal Dark (100L) 1 oz Caramel malt  (30L) 0.20 oz Chinook hops at 30 minutes ¼ tsp...

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