Codename : westfort kotitila kippis redemption
Alternate codename : mullin mallin olut

This is the next up of my redemption series, my first attempt was an epic brew fail. This is a do-over to prove I can do it right. The original spirit of sahti, is to slowly warm the mash up from room temperature, incrementing the temperature at about one hour intervals until you get to about 155F over 4-7 hours, although the recipes and techniques vary. The original technique was to not raise the temperature over 167F, so it would be a raw ale. This is an adaptation, starting at a higher temperature and mashing in for 3 hours, while raising the temperature 2 times. This is not a true raw ale.


  • 1 lb 12 oz Pilsner malt (2L)
  • 7 oz Light Munich (5L) }
  • 3 oz Dark Munich (9L) } you can use 10 oz of any Munich, but alas, I ran out
  • 7 oz Rye malt (3L)
  • 1/8 oz juniper berries }
  • 1/8 oz elderberries    } normally it would be 1/4 oz of juniper, but alas, I ran out
  • 1/4 Campden tablet when preparing strike water (optional)
  • 5 ml Farmhouse saison dry ale yeast. (you can use bread yeast)

Vital Stats

BJCP Style : nil
Anticipated ABV : 8.0%
Anticipated IBU : 3
Anticipated SRM : 6

Pre-boil SG : 1.070
Post-boil SG : 1.070
Original SG : 1.070
Target SG : 1.009
Brewhouse (in)efficiency : 70%

Brew Day

  • Prepare 5.6L strike water at 140F.
  • Add the milled grains and berries to the bag.
  • Place the bag in the hot water, set the timer for 60 minutes, and maintain the temperature at 140F.
  • Stir occasionally.
  • Raise the temperature to 168F, set the timer for 60 minutes.
  • Stir occasionally.
  • Raise the temperature to 176F, set the timer for 60 minutes.
  • Stir occasionally.
  • Calibrate the sonic screwdriver.
  • Lift the bag out of the water, and allow it to drip into the pot. Every bit of sugar that can be extracted will benefit the end ABV.
  • Please note, there is no boil step.
  • Sanitise everything required for fermentation.
  • Cool to room temp, an ice-bath or a snowbank work effectively.
  • Prepare the yeast mixture.
  • Pitch the yeast to the carboy.
  • Transfer the wort to the carboy, splash the wort around to aerate the contents.
  • Put the airlock on the carboy.
  • Store in a cool dark place for primary fermentation for 10-14 days.

Bottling Day

  • Detailed instructions.
  • Traditionally, a sahti would not be bottle conditioned.
  • It can be consumed right away.

Brew Notes

  • This batch was not one, but two on the fly substitutions, which squarely puts this in the category of helter-skelter series. In this case, I used the Finnish word.
  • FG was 1.065, a little short of the the 1.070, but it should still come in around 8% ABV.
That was a bit grain bill, I split it between two bags.


Ferment the ale in a carboy for 10-14 days.

Brew day : 10-Oct-2023