Codename : Spent Grain Flour

Previously I had baked with the spent grain, going to mix it up by taking that wet spent grain, dry it out, and grind it into flour. This method utilises a dehydrator.


  • At least 4 cups of spent grain (4 cups should get you about 1 cup of finished product)


  • Line the trays with paper towel or baking parchment, else the grain will fall though.
  • Scoop the grain onto the paper, approximately 1/4″ or 1 cm thick.
  • Stack the trays, following your manufacturers recommendations.
  • Set the dehydrator at 105F for 12 hours, overnight worked well.
  • Allow the dried grain to cool to room temperature.
  • You will know it is done, from the golden colour, and crispy texture.
  • (You can skip this step, I did not find it as useful as I thought), grind the dried grain through your grain mill. What came out was more in the consistency of wheat bran, not quite flour.
  • Put the grain in your food processor and pulse it until you have a flour consistency.
Start with your spent grain
Line the trays
Scoop in the grain to an approximate thickness of 1/4 inch.
Set to 110 F, allow it to run for 12 hours.
Dry, golden, and crispy
After going through the food processor, you have something that almost resembles flour.

This batch of flour was made from my recent best bitter beer.